Health Monitors

In-home monitoring is available and allows our Home Health Care team to monitor patients on a daily basis in between scheduled visits. Each day, according to specific patient needs, we are able to receive data reporting the following measurements:

  1. Heart rate

  2. Blood pressure            

  3. Weight

  4. Oxygen saturation

  5. Blood sugar

The information is transmitted to the Care Center where it is promptly evaluated by trained professionals that are available 24 hours a day. Our skilled nursing staff is alerted if patient-specific parameters are out of range and a nursing assessment or phone call will be initiated. In-home monitors provide our team the opportunity to detect potential health complications early on, which allows us to intervene and reduce the need for unexpected emergency room visits and re-hospitalization.

The easy-to-use health monitor encourages patients to take a proactive role in the management of their own health, and reinforces positive behavior and lifestyle changes necessary for recovery and/or stabilization. It also gives concerned loved ones peace of mind that the patient is being closely monitored on a daily basis.

Medication Systems

The personal medication system is ideal for individuals who may suffer from physical dexterity problems, dementia, or who have complicated medication schedules.

The system holds medication and automatically dispenses medication in easy-to-handle cups at preprogrammed times, which eliminates struggling with pill bottles. The med minder works by not only reminding patients when to take their medication, but also can also be equipped to act as a monitor and alerts caregivers if a patient is not taking their medication as scheduled.

Safety Monitors

Medical Alert is an emergency response unit that with a touch of a button, you or your loved one can be connected to the Care Center where trained professionals can provide assistance 24 hours a day. Our unique system will give the individual the peace of mind to know that they can speak with the Care Center if they hear a strange noise or are frightened and just need reassurance.


Care Monitors


“We pushed the button and someone answered our call right away.”

“I feel good about having Medical Alert. If I needed help, I know it would be available.”

“My family is very happy with my having and wearing the Medical Alert. I, too, would not be happy without having it to depend on.”

“Because I’m not always in town, it’s a blessing to have Medical Alert for Mom and Dad. It’s like having another family member to contact when there is a problem.”

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